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Personalized Service to Achieve
Your Vision of the Perfect Adventure
"Finding the perfect vessel requires lots of listening, understanding, and advising coupled with an abundance of knowledge. When you work with Chris, you can acquire your dream with confidence, knowing that you’re working with a professional who embraces the key characteristics you would want in this somewhat intimidating venture: passion, experience, and knowledge."

Over the past 20 years, Chris Collins has made way in the ever evolving and intricate world of yachting. Starting below deck in the crew quarters, Chris worked a variety of positions on yachts traveling to diverse parts of the world, both private and charter.

Invested in growth, Chris chose maritime school over vacationing, with the hopes to gain momentum in his career and take full advantage of his time at sea. He earned the title as Captain in 2005, sailing extensively throughout the USA, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Europe.

In 2007, Chris transitioned ashore with the intention to utilize his knowledge and experience as a Master by seeking opportunities in the Yachting Capital of the World - better yet known as Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He went a step further and absorbed himself in the logistics of yacht ownership and operations becoming a yacht manager, which then led into yacht charter management, and finally placing him in the career he always intended for himself: brokerage.

Find the RIGHT Yacht

As a trusted broker in the global arena of yachting, Chris values each moving part and leverages his slight edge in understanding all the current vessels on the ocean to truly accomplish his client’s desires. Chris helps you to understand the truly extraordinary experience of what it means to set sail.

Chris works for Denison Yachting. Denison has long been a leader in the yachting industry with a rich family history dating back to 1948, and the start of Broward Marine in Fort Lauderdale. Today, the company provides complete yachting services worldwide, from sales and charter to crew placement and new construction.

Denison has 20 waterfront offices around the world, as well as a team of nearly 100 licensed and bonded yacht brokers. Decades of experience provide a long-term perspective on the industry, extensive industry contacts, a deep client roster and a passion for yachting.

Acquire Your Dream
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